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Survey Available to Complete Once a Month

07-02-2023 11:25 PM
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We have field crew who once a month are required to complete a playground inspection survey. The field have many inspections and surveys to complete and we only want the survey to be available to complete once a month. We currently have a solution utilizing FME which unhides the survey in the field app once 30 days has passed from the survey completion date. This solution is bulky.

Has anyone managed to do this within survey123?

Thanks in advance!


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If you had a field for "last inspected date", you can use an Inbox filter to hide items inspected in the past 30 days.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
MVP Regular Contributor

Or do it at a Hosted Feature Layer View filter level, so access to the data is restricted e.g. if they don't refresh their inbox they can't submit.

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I'm a little interested in how FME is hiding something in a Field App since that is essentially in a disconnected environment. I would expect that FME is hiding it in the Portal, but Field Apps still show the survey.

The short answer is: No, that isn't possible in S123.

A potential solution could be combining multiple similar apps into a single app. For instance, if you had 10 different audit apps, they could all be merged into one, and a select_one could dynamically show/hide the different forms. But this really depends on what type of forms you have on the go, and also what your users consider "...[too] many inspections..." (which I assume means they see too many icons in S123).

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