Survey 123 Vs App Studio (Quick Report)

08-30-2018 11:52 AM
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Hello, everyone.

I need to create a mobile app to crowd-sourcing some information. I came across this two options (Survey 123 and the Quick Report from App Studio that seems to be the same to me. What is the difference between then? When should I select one and the other?

Any input is welcome.

Thank you,


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Hi Sheyla,

The Quick Report template from AppStudio for ArcGIS‌ is useful when you have one specific and relatively simple form you want people to collect data for.  It does not support the smart form features (hide/show questions based on previous answers, calculations, validation) present in Survey123.  The form automatically loads with a Quick Report app, and you can have custom branding with the App icon, title, and other elements.  It also requires you to release the application yourself on the App Store(s), meaning you will need developer accounts with the stores.

Survey123 is designed for people to have many smart forms with them.  It supports the smart form features mentioned above, in addition to several others.  It is also designed to let users carry multiple forms, so the interface to open a form is less streamlined than in Quick Report.  It does not offer custom branding out of the box (though you can create a customized version of the Survey123 app with AppStudio Desktop).

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Can you please explain how to edit the survey123 app in AppStudio Desktop so that it opens an existing survey?

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Hi Aurelie,

At this point, it would be better to ask this in AppStudio for ArcGIS‌.  Erwin Soekianto

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