Survey 123 Single Choice Grid Question Text Issue

11-06-2019 01:33 PM
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HelloSurvey123 for ArcGIS Team, 

We've recently noticed that the Single Choice Grid's Choice Columns or Choice Rows does not expand for the length of the questions/options on mobile devices therefore it breaks the words in the question in funky places. Please see below. 


This is what it looks like on the web:



This is what it looks like in S123 Connect:


Is this something that has been reported/ you plan to fix?




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Hi Amanda,

Unfortunately, it looks like your webform photos did not get uploaded successfully.  That being said, mobile devices present a more constrained spacing environment; at this time there are not plans to address column widths for single choice grids.

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Hi I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done about a discrepancy between the preview view and the live view of a survey. While in preview, the Single Choice Grid looks fine. But once it gets published, the row height gets truncated and you are now unable to read it fully. 


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Hi Grace,

I'm trying to reproduce the offset you are seeing in the single-choice grid's questions and am not.  Could you share the specific wording of the questions? You can e-mail me at jtedrick AT

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