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03-30-2021 05:45 PM
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I know that offline base map is possible using Survey 123, but I'm working on a public facing survey and would like to add some layers on the base map to reference locations. I created this survey using Survey 123 connect desktop. I linked a web map that has the reference layers, but don't see those on my survey after re-publishing. Is there a correct way to add custom base map to online surveys?

I appreciate your help! 

- Rachel

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Hi @RachelBu,

To workflow to add your web map to your Survey123 is:

1. Add it in the linked content


2. In the Map tab, click on the basemap gallery icon and select your web map:



3. In your xlsf form, for the geolocation question, under body::esri:style colum, add: map=map ID. For example:

map=de26a3cf4cc9451298ea173c4b324736 (you can get the ID from the web map's AGOL overview URL). 

4. Publish your survey.

If this still doesn't work, try to check permissions on layers.

Hope this helps, 


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It doesn't work for me either. I tried map = ede9cb61051d48398ae225189ca80cf6 and map = 'ede9cb61051d48398ae225189ca80cf6'. Neither works.

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I've linked a map from AGOL but it doesn't show up in the list of basemaps. Also tried to use the map id from the url which hasn't worked for me yet either.






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