Survey 123 integrated with field maps error

09-13-2022 07:03 AM
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So I have a complete map that I have authored in ArcGIS Pro and uploaded to AGOL. I have also configured this map with smart forms and calculated fields in Field Maps. I have some relationships to other tables, that rely on an autocalculated text field called LeakID. The point feature and the tables also have GlobalIDs and GUIDS. The main objective of this map is to use in the field on iPhones, but there is also an office side that will rely on PC input. Only the top 5-10 questions will be interacted with by the office users, so I have also authored a Survey123 form to feed into this map. I went into Survey123, and created a new survey from an existing feature service, deleted the questions I didn't need and altered relevancies and defaults etc. I upload the survey, and can complete it on my phone, with a point being generated in the map as they should. When I try from the web app, or from the desktop app to submit to the same survey, I get this error. 

  • - String or binary data would be truncated in table 'db_51652.user_51652.LEAK_MAP_TEST_3_WFL1_GAS_LEAK', column 'LeakID'. Truncated value: '{CE32144E-04F5-44A7-'. The statement has been terminated.


To me, it looks like it is trying to put the GlobalID in the LeakID field, which is not correct. The leak ID field when a new leak is created within Field Maps, looks at all existing leaks and numbers the current leak the next number in the sequence. For the Survey123 input, I just left the LeakID field out altogether, and decided I would let the LeakID be assigned when a field user picks up the leak in Field Maps. 

Is there some way I'm supposed to specify the name of the field for Global ID to match to? I tried incorporating "GlobalID" into the survey123 form, and as I expected, that did not work. 

Any input on this would be great, as I have uploaded this 3 or 4 times now changing little things here and there, and everytime I get the same error.




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