Survey 123- Images do not display correctly on the Survey 123 mobile application

08-23-2022 01:53 AM
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Hello I have created a survey on the Survey123 website. There are questions asking about respondent's recognition and recall of some specific posters. 

However the images do not display fully on the Survey123 mobile application.



When I try to open the survey on the mobile Safari application, the images do fully display and look like this 


We really need to use the Survey123 mobile app. Because in some remote areas we visited, there is no Internet to do the survey on Safari. 

Please help me to fix this problem. Any help is appreciated.

Thank very much.


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Hello @KieuAnhNguyen

Usually this occurs due to the spelling of the image in the XLSform and the name of the image file (ex. image1.jpg vs Image1.jpg). Since the survey was published from the web designer this shouldn't be the case. When you added the photo to the survey did you upload an image from an online resource or upload an image locally from your computer?

Thank you,
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I am having the same issue.  It is NOT a file name issue.  The file name matches and works when checking in connect and on a tablet and droid.  It does not show up at all (no error message or anything) on the iphone.

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