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Is there any way to replace geopoint coordinates so the geopoint falls within a mapped area?

09-05-2023 02:28 PM
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I have a survey that pulls the user's current location to customize subsequent questions. The problem I'm running into is that sometimes, the mapped point, line, or polygon (created with the sketch tool) for a record is not near the user when they are entering the data. When I use this data in a dashboard, it zooms the map to the user's location, not the mapped location. There is no option in the Dashboard Actions that will zoom to the mapped location instead of the geopoint for the base record.

Is there any way to override the original geopoint and automatically create a geopoint at the mapped location? It would be ok if this has to be done later during QC in the dashboards instead of during data collection.


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Hello @JanelJohnson

This can be done using the pulldata() function. Please check out the Calculate Location from CSV sample available in Survey123 Connect. 

Thank you,
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Could you elaborate for those of us who are not Survey123 experts? How does a static CSV file overwrite the geopoint with a point that is within a newly mapped area?

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