Survey 123 Favorites answers not working with relevant fields

04-04-2022 05:59 AM
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I have a Survey 123 form designed with 123 Connect and XLSForm. Some fields or groups are defined with relevant behaviour, something like ${d_forme}!= ''.  I have 5 pages to complete in my survey.

When I use the Survey123 application to collect the data. I start a new survey, fill the form and set answers as favorites answers, then save the survey in the draft folder.  Then I create a new survey, and want to get back my saved favorite answers, but some fields (fields with relevant values in XLSForm) are not filled with favorites values.  I need to switch to the next page and recall the paste from favorite answers to get  them back.

Is it possible to get all favorites answers in one operation ? 

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi, I experiment the same problem, could someone answer to this post ?

Thanks a lot !

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