Survey 123 false and true values when editing survey data

04-26-2021 11:16 AM
New Contributor III

Running into a interesting/strange/frustrating issue.  Whenever I edit a survey record in AGOL/Survey 123 several hidden fields are being updated to have true/false values, instead of the values I have prescribed in survey123 connect.  This does NOT happen if I edit the record from the survey field app OR edit via an editing application in AGOL. 

An example, I edit a submitted record by changing the jurisdiction field (multiple select) from Federal to State in Survey123 in AGOL.  The crew types records, which are hidden fields and totally unrelated to this edit, change to true or false instead of the values I have prescribed in my xlsx form.

If I make this same edit in the Survey Field App OR make this same edit in an editing application with the smart editor widget, this behavior is not observed.  

Has anyone come across this? Is there something I can do in my xlsx form to prevent this behavior?   

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