Survey 123 Connect Redirect to specific URL after confirmation screen

04-21-2021 11:53 AM
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I am using Survey 123 connect to create a survey that will be embedded as a widget in Experience Builder. I successfully created a custom confirmation screen after submitting the survey. However, the page redirects back to a blank survey within one seconds after page is loaded.
Ideal scenario would be to longer wait before redirecting to another page within Experience Builder (e.g. survey submitted>confirmation screen [wait ~10 seconds for user to read confirmation]> redirects to map showing survey results.)

At a minimum I would not like to automatically redirect to a blank survey.



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Hi Reza,

I don't see a way to configure the Survey widget within Experience Builder to do what you're looking for, but you could use the Embed widget instead and enable the "Show message to prompt the user to submit another record" on the Design tab for your survey in the Survey123 website.

These settings do not carry through when you use the Survey widget, but it looks like they do when you use the Embed widget.




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by Anonymous User
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Is it possible to direct the user back to the workforce app once the survey has been submitted so that they can mark the assignment as complete and move on to the next one? This is for a survey created using the web, not connect.

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