survey 123 connect photos don't appear in the feature class popup or in fieldmaps

08-09-2022 01:29 AM
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I have a survey that was created with survey 123 connect.

The survey has the possibility to add photos.

The survey is connected to a feature layer that I can see in arcgis online and fieldmaps.

The problem is that i cant see the photos that was taken during the survey in the feature layer popup

What can I do to fix the problem?



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The reason why the photos are not available in pop-ups is because the url string is required and this is not generated by Survey123.

There is related enhancement request (ENH-000151057) to provide functionality in ArcGIS Online to include the url of an attachment when exporting a feature service. The ENH is still in review.

My best recommendation is to take a look at this community post which documents a workflow to populate the url string into a new field. The article includes a toolox to download, and a video of the workflow.

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