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survey 123 comments record

09-16-2020 10:44 PM
New Contributor II

Hi Guys - I believe there is functionality to 'verbally record' observations in the 'comments field'. I have done it previously, but not possible now. I am assuming it's a setting in the operating system (Android). Does anyone know if that is correct, and now to re-set?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Peter! Hope you're doing well.

I believe this is a known limitation related to select Samsung devices. I have the same issue on a Galaxy S8.
Clicking on the text question brings up the keyboard but the microphone is greyed out.

I was able to swap keyboards to a non-Samsung one and it works fine. We may need to ensure voice typing is enabled for the keyboard and it has the permissions to access microphone.

  1. Install the Gboard app on the device and set it as default. 
  2. Enable the voice input under the Gboard settings. 
  3. Check the voice to type option is available.

If we prefer to stay with Samsung keyboard, we can also switch to the Google Voice Typing keyboard by clicking the 'Change keyboard' button on the bottom right corner.