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Survey 123 Automation

08-27-2023 10:22 PM
New Contributor


I have a list of 3 options in a dropdown, I need to remove a particular option when that option is already submitted by 10 or say n users. 


I have a time slot, for eg say 9 AM - 10 AM, this option should be removed/hide from dropdown once this is submitted/selected by 10 users. How to implement this in survey123?

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Unfortunately, this is not possible inside of S123, or even Esri (as far as I know). FME should be able to do what you are wanting, but that would likely require FME Server.

If you are invested in MS, Power Automate may be able to do that, but I've personally never done a connection like that to Portal/AGO.

If you are asking how to do this via automation, I'd say your best bet is FME Server. As for the exact steps, I am unsure - sorry.

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