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Survey 123 Auto Populate from Layer

09-03-2023 07:52 PM
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Hello I am trying to create a Survey 123 survey where the user selects the 'AssetID' from a list generated from a layer in ArcGIS Online and then uses the selected 'AssetID' to auto-populate other fields.

I have been able to get the list of AssetIDs but can get the auto-populate other fields to work. 

At present I am trying directly in Survey 123 but also happy to get advice on doing the same in Survey 123 Connect.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @DeanHowell1

You can configure a calculation in the Survey123 web designer to query an ArcGIS feature layer or table, please see this documentation for the workflow. 

In Survey123 Connect this is called pulldata("@layer"), please see this Esri Community blog for more information. 

Thank you,
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Thanks @ZacharySutherby I appreciate the link but a comment for Esri in general it would be great to have downloadable examples to be able to see how these things work.

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How did you generate the list of asset IDs?  I can get the other attributes to load using a calculation that looks like this: 

pulldata("@layer", "getValue", "attributes.asset_name","", ${where2})


The ${where2} = concat("asset_id = '", ${asset_id}, "'")

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