String or Binary data would be truncated error

03-29-2022 03:31 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am fighting with an existing survey that doesn't seem to want to send responses. I have upgraded connect to the latest version 3.14 and have checked on the blog to trouble shoot some of the areas that have been suggested & have made the corrections, but still seems to be throwing back the same error. I am thinking it is in the select_one questions as have been suggested but... it was working previously but no longer. 

 Thanks for your help

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This error is usually someone trying to put too much text in a field or putting text in a number field.  It can also be a image that is too big.  Select multiple can do it too.  If the list goes over 255 not going to be happy.  Select multiple is hard to manage.  Oh yea you got a select multiple that is just 15 chars.  Also best not to name the field and the list the exact same name as it can get confused.  I do FieldNameList.  Oh and you have a int bound to a field size of 2 that makes no sense.  Int is an int.

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