Strange behaviour with HTML IMG tag

01-09-2020 12:47 PM
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We have a survey that may need to display one of many thousand images, depending on the asset type and asset identifier an inspector has chosen.

Rather than package all of these image files with the survey and use a question of type 'image', we instead host the images on a web server at a URL that is accessible over the internet.  I then pull the appropriate image URL from a csv file using pulldata, and concatenate together an HTML IMG tag in a NOTE question to display the web image in the survey at inspection time.

For the most part, this worked well until recently.

For some reason, when the inspector selects the asset identifier (at which point the image tag should be concatenated together), the image does not display.  If they un-select the asset identifier, and then re-select it - the image then appears.  

I can reproduce this within Survey123 Connect x86 3.7.62 for windows, Survey123 3.6.153 for windows, and Survey123 3.7.57 for Android.  I had v 3.5 on android before and it did NOT appear to behave this way - the images rendered consistently.

I can share the zip of a survey that will reproduce this issue reliably, but I would need to remove some sensitive information if it is to be shared on geonet where it can be downloaded by all.

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Hi Corey,

Feel free to directly share this with me at jtedrick AT; alternatively, you may want to open a ticket with Esri Support to diagnose this issue. 

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