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11-20-2019 06:00 AM
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Am using a Start and End question in order to calculate the time required to fill in the form. However, since I have allowed to make copies of submitted records as new records, the Start value is never updated at the start of a new data input, only the End value.

To avoid this problem, I thought of calculating the elapsed time with the CreationDate but I don't know how to insert it in the calculation column of my XLSform

I had success using int((decimal-date-time(${end_time}) - decimal-date-time(${start_time)) * 24*60*60)

but no luck with int((decimal-date-time(${end_time}) - decimal-date-time(${CreationTime)) * 24*60*60)


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Take a look at this post 

I think Creation does not get filled until it actually gets submitted

On top of Start and End, which are optional, you will always get the Creation and Last Edit date and time for every row you add from Survey123 for ArcGIS. It is important to highlight here that the Creation and Last Edit columns are handled through ArcGIS Editor Tracking. The help has a good topic on Editor Tracking in case you are not familiar with it. Do not worry about  enabling Editor Tracking in Survey123, because it is always enabled by default. This feature looks at the time when edits are made in the Feature Service not when the data is necessarily being captured or changed in the field. For example, if someone is working in the field while disconnected from the network, the Start and End field will truly reflect the time when the user is working on the survey. The Creation and Edit Times will reflect the time when the data was actually submitted: May be immediately after data capture, or may be a couple days later while back in the office.

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