Start/End Question Type and created_date field

11-23-2021 09:59 AM
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We have "Start" and "End" question types added to S123 Connect form. They automatically record when the survey record was started and ended, simple enough.

But then, what does "created_date" field store? Is this the date/time that the S123 record was initially sent from the S123 app? i.e. sync'd with the feature service?


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Hello @danbecker

The `created_date` field is part of the editor tracking fields created with the feature service. The `created_date` field is the time at which the record was created in your ArcGIS organization's feature service. 

Please see this link for more information on editor tracking:

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So, "created_date" reflects when the record hit the feature service, i.e. when it was sync'd.

What about ArcGIS Collector and/or FieldMaps apps that use SDE Enterprise Geodatabases published as feature services, is the behavior the same?

1) We create a blank SDE feature class, defining schema only

2) Archiving and Editor Tracking are enabled on the feature class

3) FC published as feature service, added to Webmap

4) User downloads offline area of the webmap, then collects data in the field while offline on 7/2/2021

5) 3 days later on 7/5/2021, the user sync's the offline area

6) What will created_date be, 7/2 or 7/5 ?



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