SQL Triggers on Feature Classes for Survey123

11-20-2019 02:21 PM
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I created the trigger to access information from different tables and update in the feature class ( enabled with Attachments)  and sending email notifications in trigger itself. when i try to insert/update records from SQL Server and ArcMAP and ArcGIS Pro . it is working as expected. But when i try to insert/update records from Feature Service or Survey 123 app . It is giving errors . if we keep insert trigger , it is working as expected. if we try to append UPDATE trigger to it. it is throwing error. my obeservation is whenever inserting records using REST Feature service , The update trigger is also firing. Why ? How to overcome with this issue ? The feature class is not versioned.

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Hi. It seems like this question is more appropiate for the ArcGIS Enterprise‌ GeoNet group. Survey123 is  using a feature service to add a record. Understanding why the feature service is not adding a record is key.

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@vijaybadugu   Did you every get an update trigger to work on an archived table in sql?

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