Snapping in Survey123

07-07-2021 08:31 AM
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I need a form to allow a new line to snap to the end of a previous line in survey123.

Is this possible in Survey123 or is there plans to include it?

Also in my form I have a multi select list.

Am I correct that you can snap in Collector but can't use multi select in a field?

Anyone any work arounds or solutions to this problem.



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Hi @RachelScott ,

Can you provide more detail on your collection workflow?  Survey123 only allows one feature to be captured per question, so I'm unsure what you are referring to by the 'end of a previous line'?

At this point in time, Survey123 does not support snapping a point/vertex to another geometric object's point/vertex/edge.  This could be submitted as an idea in the Esri Community for future consideration.

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Hi James,

I have a linked web map to show the existing lines and was hoping it would allow it to be snapped to the lines in it.

Am I correct that Collector allows snapping but no multi select from a list?

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Correct.  Collector/Field Maps is great at the spatial side but forms are basic and 123 vise versa.

The big issue I found with lines in 123 is you must be online for it to go, which we never are.  So for lines I collect the geometry in Collector then pass the id to 123 to handle the form part.  With 123 you need a offline basemap but with Collector can go offline on demand.  Best tool for the job type thing.

Hope that helps

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