Regarding error 1019: "The specified feature could not be updated or does not exist" in Survey123

10-08-2019 10:15 AM
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Hi everybody.

I'm currently attempting to update old information to a new version of a Survey given that with the updated link, the data disappeared from the records and I'm getting this error.

I was checking a previous couple of post: post 1 and post 2 but the only solution I'm seeing is to use this tool to try to solve the problem manually. Is there any other solution??

I'm using a Redmi Note 7 and a Survey123 field app on the 3.6. 153 version. It is worth mentioning that the survey has several repeats and a attachment so I don't know if that represents and Issue.

Any assistance will be appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Hi Kevin,

The image of the error unfortunately did not come through.  Are you using the Inbox functionality?  Based on the error code you providing, the most likely cause is that the feature you are editing was deleted in the feature service connected with the survey.

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If this was deleted from the feature service can it be retrieved?  I have surveys in the table outbox, but I cannot send them to survey 123 on arcGIS online.

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