Single choice grid not showing up in survey123 app (ipad), but it shows up in browser?

09-02-2020 09:22 AM
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Hi, I created a survey in the web designer, using single choice grid. None of those questions are showing up when I access the survey in the app, but they seem to show up fine in the browser. This is an issue because people will need to be collecting data offline (only possible in the app from my understanding, not available in the browser). The survey is displaying completely differently on the actual app than it does in the survey123 designer 'preview'. 

Screenshot from, tablet selected, in the survey 123 online builder preview


screenshot from survey opened in the survey 123 app (ipad) - supposed to look the same same ! they are displaying totally different! I tried holding the ipad both horizontal & vertical - no difference. What am i doing wrong? 

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My first guess is your app is out of date.  The grid is brand new so you need the latest version of the app.

Give that a shot.

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I updated everything, it appears that the issue is pages - single choice grid questions do not work when you have multiple pages. The frustrating thing about it is that everything looks good on the browser version and in the 'preview', but once it's in the actual mobile application, all of the pages where you're supposed to have the single choice grid matrix type question, they just show up blank.