Side by side photos from a repeat in a Survey123 report?

03-15-2022 11:00 AM
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Helllo, is there a way to show photos side by side from a repeat in a Survey123 report yet? I tried using a table but it places the photos, one after the other down the page, instead of across. Thank you.

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I was just researching this the other day, and from what I can tell it's still not possible to put photos from a repeat within specific cells in a Word doc template. 😞  

For one survey in particular I opted to have individual photo questions (one for each cardinal direction), so that I could put them within a table in the template and get the formatting just right. But I have many other surveys where that's not a feasible schema and repeats are necessary. So yes, I hope they implement this soon!


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I've tried this before with multiple photo attachments but just like @Katie_Clark I hope it's a customizable option for reports and templates soon because I've only got it to load in page by page. This is fine but it does look less professional. Right now any multiple photo reports or word docs simply load out the next photo to the specifications given in the template. Usually with some edits you can change how it displays but I have yet to find how to do a "fill in the table/graph/chart" kind of template workflow. It's a great post to add to the idea section if it's not there already, you've got my kudos for it already.



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