Showing Newest Records from Survey123 in Collector

02-22-2021 07:09 AM
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My company currently has a survey that is used to collect equipment installed in various wells on our property. I am trying to adapt and join this survey to Collector that way our crews can see what equipment is currently in the well and when the equipment was last serviced. 

My issue is that when I join the Survey123 feature layer to our wells layer in  ArcGIS Online, I can only return the most recent record. We have multiple pieces of equipment in each well, all of which can be serviced independently of each other. The result is several blank columns and rows with only the most recently serviced piece of equipment. 

I have tried creating filtered layers out of the larger survey for each of the pieces of equipment, but when joining these the most recent record is still returned.

Short of pulling apart the survey, is there another solution to show the most recent pump/piezometer/casing/etc. service or install?

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Have you looked into a Relationship class instead of a join?  Then you can say show me all the related services for a point then sort if you want to see the latest.

If just want to show an attribute from the latest in the popup you can use Arcade to do it.  Look at the FeatureSetByName function.


Take a look at this post for more

hope that helps

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I have the pop-ups all sorted with links to the survey set up. I have looked into relationship classes, but unfortunately I do not have a standard license for ArcMap or Pro. That is where I am trying to find a work-around for the time being using feature layers and views.

I will look more into this FeatureSetByName function.

Thank you for your help.

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How did you create a join?  You may want to check if it is set up under 1:many relationship. I recommend to create a new join layer and see if that makes any difference. When the relationship I s 1:1, the existing joined record will be replaced as the latest one whenever new survey is submitted. 


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I went through that yesterday to be sure I had the correct 1:1 join set up consistently and I seem to have the joined table set up the way I want with several filtered feature layers joined to my well layer which is static.

Now my issue is that when I create a record in the survey the record isn't populated across. When I re-run the joins, it is there, but this will need to be as live as possible. I was going to mess with the Views today.

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