Can I set a geopoint default to auto-propagate with known UTM's from a .csv?

02-05-2021 12:58 PM
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HI Y'all, 

I would like my geopoint data to automatically propagate from a .csv file but I would also like to be able to take a geopoint if needed.

I work at many worksites with known UTM coordinates that I have within a .csv and I use a pulldata function to propagate into my form as a note. Sometimes I go to a new location where I would like to utilize the actual geopoint function and then extract the UTM. I have set up the hidden pulldata calculation to do the UTM extraction already. I have the geopoint relevance set to only appear when I select an unknown site location from a previous question.

Now I am seeing that in Survey123 web browser the location is defaulted to 0,0 because the user never fills out the geopoint since it is hidden 95% of the time. 

Short version: Can I set a geopoint default to auto-propagate with known UTM's from a .csv so that it will appear in the browser Survey123?

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Hi @Beeorchid,

Yes this is possible, you can use a calculation to set the geopoint, and then the user can over-write the calculation and update location based on current location. Please refer to this blog post:

Also see the Survey123 documentation:



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Hi Phil, 

The solution I am at now is to have multiple things working in tandem, but I was hoping to condense and see if there exists a simpler solution. Here is what I have: 

note that has a calculation using the pulldata function from a .csv which has a relevant ${sitelocation} linking it to a previous question. This then populates my desired known locations with the predetermined UTM's. 

The next thing is a geopoint appearance of hide-input and the default with the office location and the relevant set to selected(${sitelocation}, 'other'}). Also a pulldata calculation so my end result is in UTM's. 

So, essentially I added the hide-input appearance disabling the visual map with location dots on the website for the output data. I was hoping to maintain this, but I don't see how to do all the things I need and also keep the map. It will only output the default office location if I remove the hide-input appearance. So I might as well remove it. 

What I have is functional enough, but please share if you know a way to better what I have.