Show next set of questions if value of another answer is met.

02-13-2020 03:08 AM
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I'm trying to get a set of questions to show if the answer from an earlier question is the same as the answer from yet another question.

The idea is to keep producing a number of questions about sediment layers untill the layer depth reaches the total depth of a sediment sample. So if layer 1 does not reach total depth, then the same questions appear for layer 2 and so on untill layer x reach total depth.

Any idea of how this can be done?

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Hi Filip,

I think the solution you are looking for is using 'relevant'.

Relevant can be used to display question based on some conditions. For example, if you put something like 'number(${layer_1_depth}) + number(${layer_2_depth}) + ..... number(${layer_n_depth}) < 100' in a question, it will be displayed if the sum of all layer is less than 100.

This blog explains the 'relevant' and gives many examples: 

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