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Show map with points collected in previous questions of the same survey

08-15-2023 06:29 AM
New Contributor III

Can you show multiple points collected in previous questions of the survey you are filling in?

For example,

1) the user adds a geopoint

2) then adds a second one

3) and finally one can add many points at the same (with a repeat)

In the end, the user sees all the points collected on a map. The aim of this map is not actually to add more points but just to show what the user has so far collected.

I've tried with pulldata but I managed to show only one point to the final map with concat. (see my Xlsform). Is there a way to concatenate more points? Or what's the best approach to this problem?

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Esri Notable Contributor
New Contributor III

Thanks for the suggestion! That almost worked but, if I understood well, overlay allows to show points from a geopoint question in only one repeat. Is it possible to overlay points from different geopoint questions?

I've also noticed that the point overlay works in Survey123 Connect but not when I publish it and view it on the web. Is there a parameter I'm missing?