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Sharing Survey updates the form in AGOL

09-12-2023 01:35 PM
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Recently had a external choice list issue the same as described in

I'm facing an issue with ArcGIS Survey123 involving an external choice list and seeking insights into its root cause. Our setup has multiple surveys in ArcGIS Survey123 that utilize an external choice list. This choice list is in the form of a CSV file that we've uploaded to ArcGIS Online. The CSV file comprises three columns: 'id', 'name', and 'label'. This list contains approximately 10,000 choices.

Initially, everything worked smoothly, and participants could select choices from the external list while responding to the survey. However, a peculiar problem has emerged. The link between the external choice list and some specific surveys seems to have broken. Users can view the choice list correctly when providing responses, but upon saving a response as a draft or submitting it, the chosen value transforms into 'name' instead of retaining the actual value. Notably, this anomaly is occurring only for certain surveys. Other surveys using the same external choice list remain unaffected.

This issue had occurred before, and I was able to resolve it by re-establishing the link between the external choice list and the survey through Survey123 Connect. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or possesses insights into what might be causing this behaviour, your input would be highly appreciated.

In trying to get Esri to troubleshoot the issue, a new group was created a shared with their tech support.  However it seems that when the survey was shared to the troubleshooting group (shared via - collaboration tab) - it re-saved the form in AGOL and relinked the previously unlinked external choice list CSV we had hosted in AGOL.

The Survey also shows as a new download available, when it should really be unchanged. 

I'm wondering why sharing a survey to a group is updating the form again in AGOL, and what exactly is being updated.  No other item types I know of show as recently updated content in AGOL when you adjust their group sharing so I'm confused as to exactly is going on when a survey is shared.  We can't explain how the external choice list then also somehow relinked itself when this happened (meaning Esri couldn't then troubleshoot it!). 

I also don't see how resaving the external choice CSV could have cascaded down to the form and relinked it as content.

Appreciate anything, even anecdotal.

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Have you tried using search appearance() to see if your problem persists, or is solved by accessing your csv data that way?  I'm a big fan of it since it allows so much more flexibility for csv header names and filtering.

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