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Sharing survey data

09-25-2023 12:59 PM
Occasional Contributor

Hello there,

I have a survey where I restrict what users can see to only those survey points they enter.  I do this both within the survey collaboration options as well as the feature service supporting the hosted feature layer.  This works well to prevent users from seeing data they should not within the field app, the s123 website and AGOL.

However, I have a handful of management users that do not collect data but do need to view ALL of the data collected.

I'm interested in hearing your recommended approach for this data to support a dashboard. 

Option 1 - was to create a hosted feature layer view of the survey data and share this with the management group of users.  I've had success with this in past but for some reason I am unable to create a feature layer view that allows the management users view access.  

Option 2 - involves overwriting a copy of a feature layer specifically designed to support the dashboard.  This would be automated via a python script.  

I prefer option 1 since it reads from the live data, but I am not sure if this should work or not.  In other words, can the owner of a hosted feature layer that can thus view all of the data (despite any constraints), share a view of the feature layer to other non-owner users via a group (read the management users)?

Many thanks for your input,

Cheers, BKS

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