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12-01-2023 11:37 PM
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I created a survey and it was successfully published and I was able to collect records with it. I later made some edits to the xls form and re-published it. After this, I have not been able to submit surveys stating the error "sent error Survey not sent: 1" When I check the outbox that the unsent survey saved, after clicking the exclamation mark beside the survey, this error sign pops up

"Send Error. The survey could not be sent due to the following error: Staff_Username:sgnl_tadebayo, response_json:{"attributes":{"Staff_Department":"Technical Support & Professional Service", "Office_Location":"Abuj... Do you want to edit this survey?"

The questions highlighted in the error are pulled from a feature layer using pulldata@json function and are read-only. I do not know where the error is coming from. Could anyone help here?survey123 error.png

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I later made some edits to the xls form and re-published

What changes? Would help sharing this and the XLSForm.

Otherwise this is a generic error where the edit can't be applied. Could be tied to the field not being editable or an invalid entry (text into integer field, field too long). Not sure. Could guess at it for ages.

Can you share the logs?


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