Select one with Search with filtering two attributes..

04-13-2023 07:25 AM
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Hi Folks,

I have one question whose answer I couldn't find on the documentation about the search capabilities:

I need to populate a select one with the content from one field (Search_String) but the search expression must query two fields: Search_String and Trip_Type. A query like this:

Search_String = 'BCI - Gamboa | 16-04-2023' AND Trip_Type = 'Public'

Is this possible?

My search statement is:

search('Disponibilidad?url= DESC', 'startswith', 'Search_String', ${Search_Exp})

The above Search_Exp contains the string 'BCI - Gamboa | 16-04-2023' and it works, but I need to filter based on Trip_Type as well.

Is it even possible?


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