Select Multiple Not Populating on Existing Response

08-01-2022 02:11 PM
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Hello, I have successfully built a survey in Survey123 Connect and have the survey embedded within an Experience Builder which allows users to view the data submitted by others, submit a new response, and edit their previously submitted responses. Currently, all three of these operations are possible, but when editing an existing response one of the previously answered questions is left blank.

The question where this occurs is a select_multiple using an external select list from hosted table. The question asks users to select the names of employees at our organization and is filtered based on a previous question that asks for the Office the employees work in. Responses for this question are recorded as 'FirstName LastName,FirstName LastName,...FirstName LastName'.

Two interesting notes:

1) The attribute appears correctly in the data table and is embeddable as a dynamic value - I added a dynamic text box with the same field to ensure that the data was properly recorded.

2) A user can edit an existing response without filling out this question, despite it being a required question, and the record will not be altered. However, if a user opens the drop-down to select users, those recorded in the attribute table will not appear checked. Even after opening and closing the drop-down without selecting anything (it appears that no answer has been given) a user can still submit the survey without disturbing the underlying record.

To make everything a bit more clear, I've added a screenshot of the application in use here. It shows how when a feature in the map panel is selected, the data is correctly read from the table but not shown in the two survey widgets currently in the app. I plan to remove one of these widgets once I sort out the issues.

While ultimately this issue does not corrupt existing responses or prevent updates, it is likely to confuse the end users and I would like to find a solution. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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