"File" type not working with surveys using a submission url

07-25-2022 08:26 AM
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Whenever I'm using the "File" type in a survey that is being submitted via a submission URL, the attachments are not able to be displayed or downloaded in WAB Apps or Dashboards whenever the survey is submitted via the Survey123 Field App. 

When using the desktop app to submit the survey, the issue does not persist.

This issue was first noticed with Survey123 Connect version 3.14.281 and has persisted with 3.15.165. 

The field app being used to submit the survey is v3.15.145.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Any thoughts?

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Hi @JaredRyan1 

I tried to recreate this issue but I do not see the same behaviour as you. 

  1. I published a brand new survey with a file question
  2. I submitted responses with attachments via the field app and also web browser
  3. I created a duplicate survey pointing to the same feature class so it has a submission url
  4. I again submitted responses with attachments via the field app and also web browser, this time for the second survey
  5. I added the feature class (now with four submissions) to a map and created a WAB app
  6. I was able to view and download all the attachments

Are you able to do the same test? My belief is this is related to the layer you are submitting to but I'm not sure at the moment what the issue is.

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Thanks Richard. I should've been more specific in that it is only on the surveys using the submission url. If we use the survey form that was created with the hosted feature service, the attachments display just as expected. 

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