Search for specific Repeat position while in Survey123 Form

05-17-2021 03:12 PM
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If I have a Survey that has a Repeat in it, and the Repeat ends up getting used upwards of 20 times, is there a good way to search through values in the repeats if users need to go back and modify previously collected Repeat Records?

What would be ideal is if there was a way say "Go to Repeat Record 'X' instead of having to tap the Arrows to back and forth between the Repeat Records.

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My idea was to make the repeat bar work like the pages bar so I can tap and pick any repeat I want just like for the pages.  Upvote it here

You can display a running list using join and you can long press either arrow to go all the way to start or end but that is it.

Hope that helps and please upvote the idea.