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Search() appearance capabilities with multiple field value combinations.

08-24-2023 08:52 AM
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Trying to figure out if it is possible to use two fields that display in the drop down list created through the 'search()' appearance function for users to accurately pull the correct record. There are 10000+ records and multiple records with the same value in each field, however each combination of field1+field2 is unique. 

To be more specific- it is an ID number+ a name value. It is impossible to identify one without the other since there may be multiple names that share an ID and multiple IDs with the same name.

What would be ideal is a dropdown that could pull from an existing feature service in the form of "ID - Name" (the two separate fields).

At the very least is it possible to have one line for the name choice (This is working at the moment): Namefield: appearance->minimal autocomplete search('Name?url=https://featureserviceurl/layerid')

and one subsequent search line for the IDs filtered by the ${name} chosen? I haven't got a where clause to successfully work through the search appearance yet though.

We are using enterprise 11.1 and at the latest version of survey123 connect. the survey is embedded in a dashboard.

Would be really appreciative of any help. Am happy to provide more information.

Thanks very much

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Not sure I fully understand, but I may.

I have a database with 100s of thousands of data points. Our project numbering system is less than good, so I have a lot of duplicates. But, when I combine three separate fields, I get a unique ID.

The key (at least in my case) is the where_clause (see below). You can combine as many things as you want for the Where Clause so you only pull correct record.



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