Scanner Functionality Updates

06-18-2020 11:54 AM
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Can someone point me to the last few bug fixes/functionality improvements for the scanning function? I did find the most recent release notes, but couldn't get to earlier versions. Thanks.

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Hi Bob,

What areas are you checking with barcode scanner?

We did fixed quite a few internally with 3.10 version for performace issue.

For public salesforce issues, here are few we fixed previously and with 3.10:

BUG-000121080 Barcodes cannot be scanned properly on some Android devices (Fixed in 3.6)
ENH-000116357 With Survey123 for ArcGIS, allow barcodes to be used to search for existing features in the Inbox (Fixed in 3.10)
ENH-000127282 Unable to scan barcodes with reflective non-white background (Fixed in 3.10)

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