Change content of survey based on who's filling it in.

07-28-2020 08:18 PM
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Is it possible to change which questions appear and what answers are visible (e.g. limited options in drop down) depending on who is filling in the survey?


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   Depending on how many users you have and/or if they use unique devices, we have implemented something that may be similar to what you are asking based on the DeviceID and/or Username. Basically the start of the survey would contain a "username" and/or "deviceid" line that can then be used in relevant or choice_filters to modify the survey and/or selectable answers as needed.

However, it can easily become unwieldy depending on the complexity of your survey design.  An alternate option we have also used is to reference the feature service to create different surveys that all feed into the same feature service and then use access management to serve the correct version to the correct users.  This is usually our first choice when certain users need restricted access to certain fields and others (say managers) need to review submissions and potentially modify other fields.

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Thanks for your response Kevin, I will definitely keep those ideas in mind.
What I ended doing/figuring out was that I can pre-select answers based on username i.e. if(${username}='john.doe', john's responsibility, jane's responsibility) within the calculation column.

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