S123 Feature Report: The task failed because all reports failed to run convertToPdf.

08-19-2021 01:09 PM
by Anonymous User
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Good afternoon,

Whatever I do, I cannot generate feature reports for my survey. It keeps on saying 'The task failed because all reports failed to run convertToPdf.' when I preview sample report.

If I generate a sample report in Word format and download it to my laptop, the Word file doesn't open and dislpay: 'Word experienced an error trying to open the file. ...'

Individual sample templates would work for only a couple of hours after generation. Then, when I generate feature reports again, S123 displays the same 'failed to convert error'. 

Has someone ever run into the same issue. I have desperately been trying to find the cause of this problem, but no luck yet .

Attached are XLSform, Word template, and the corrupted feature report in Word format.

Thank you,


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Hi@Anonymous User 

I was trying to reproduce your issue using your attached xlsx, and I found you have a choices.csv in Tree Tickets Oregon.xlsx.

In order to proceed, is it possible to share this csv with me? If it has confidential values in it, can you change the real values with ones that do not leak out the confidential information for this test purpose?




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I've run into the same error recently. Was a solution ever found for this?

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