Reverse Geocode Survey123 not displaying after publishing.

02-06-2023 12:09 PM
by Anonymous User
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Version 3.16.110 
I have an issue with a reverse geocoder. In 123connect, the geocoder works fine, but the XY coordinates no longer pull data after publishing in either the field app or web app. After the XY coordinates are pulled, they feed into the following:
1. concat note
2. watermark text string in photo.
3. javascript that pulls the weather data.
After publishing the survey, the XY no longer grabs the XY which has a trickle-down effect. My next round of testing will be to eliminate the second pull feature. In my HOA scenario, if a user has a general complaint they use the map which pulls in the XY. If they have a specific complaint against a fellow resident, when selecting the map the data pulls the parcel information to display instead of the XY. The XY is grabbed regardless of situation. Has anyone seen this behavior? Map info from line 26-39
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