Resubmit all surveys without opening, possible?

01-09-2019 08:20 PM
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I'm trying to find a way to get all my submitted surveys to resubmit without opening them one by one.

The background is I (accidentally) 'Bind:Nulled' a field containing data that I want.  I've now corrected the field setting and if I re-edit a survey on the device as per Edit existing survey data—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS  it will send the update including the original data from the nulled field. 

Problem is I've got about 450 surveys and don't want to do this manually for 450 surveys.

I've considered editing the SQLite file and changing all the add entries to update entries in the 'status text' field but this seems a little dangerous.

Is there a smart way to force a resubmit of all sent surveys? 

Thanks all


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Hi Phil,

No, it is not currently possible to resend all the sent surveys in the Sent box without opening them one by one to edit, and then send via the usual complete survey send button. This is the only way the saved data in the survey will be updated and sent, as after your changed and republished your survey, you need to open the survey records and save them so the values will be present without the null. This will not be updated in the json for each survey unles syou open and save it.

As you suggest, the only way I can think to bulk update and send allt he surveys would be to edit the sqlite database and all the records at once, remove the tag marking them as Sent, and mark them as Outbox, edit the values that need changing, and then from Outbox submit them all in one go.


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Thanks so much, I've got it now!

To clarify for anyone else who wants to do this...

I edited all the status field entries to 1 (1=outbox, 2=sent) and it seems you also need to null the status text column as well (took me a well to catch onto that). You can select multiple rows at once and then right click to null or paste values so this is quick for hundreds or even thousands of records.

I then copied the database back to the survey123 databases folder on my desktop machine and saw that all the records were now in the outbox, pressed send and job done.