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Report Template Repeat Table format horizontally

08-30-2023 08:29 AM
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I am hoping someone can help me out with the repeat syntax I am using for a report template.

I would like the repeats to be laid out like the example in repeatGoal. Laid out horizontally. But I am getting them laid out vertically like in repeatResult.

You can see the syntax i am using in repeatSyntax. I can't find any good resources that explain clearly how to do this.

Thank you. 

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This is expected behaviour. I would suggest flipping the table so Nozzles are along the top:


The only way you could achieve your desired outcome is with static fields. There may be some shenanigans you can pull with text boxes (I've seen others do it with pictures), but I haven't done that before. I also doubt that would work for this scenario.

I do agree though that this is a necessary feature. Hopefully it is added one day.



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