Report Template - Filter Repeats Used in If Statement

01-23-2023 05:41 AM
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Within the report template documentation here it suggests;

  • ${if (repeat1 | getValue:"count")>=3} displays the section only if repeat1 contains three or more records.

My question is whether it is possible to filter the repeat used in this if statement so I get a count for the number of repeats where a certain answer was given in a question in the repeat? I'd like to display a section of the report only if at least one repeat record has a particular answer in it.

I've tried various options here including where clauses documented here, so you have something like this;

${if (repeat1 | where:"weather='sunny'"| getValue:"count")>=3}

but this doesn't work (I assume it's limited to summary sections?) and no other options I've tried have worked. So I just want to know if this kind of filtering is possible and if so what is the syntax?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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