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Report images in landscape

07-25-2023 02:36 PM
New Contributor III

Hello! I have a report template that I'm using and have an issue. I have a single page set to landscape with the following lines at the top:


${#pic} ${$file | getValue:"" | size:500:0} ${/}

When the report is generated, the image is always placed on the following page. If I set the page orientation to portrait, it works properly and the image is placed directly below the "Plan" text, all on one page.

How can I get the image to display on the same page while set to landscape orientation?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @RHammers 

The image is likely too tall to fit on the page. Try setting the height of the image to ensure it fits. You might need to experiment with the value to get the desired result. From the documentation the size syntax is:

${image1 | size:width:height:max_width:max_height}

Where 'image1' is the name of the image question. For example, ${image1 | size:0:0:0:350} sets the maximum height to 350 pixels. Similarly, ${image1 | size:0:400} sets the height to 400 pixels. Both of these options preserve the aspect ratio of the image.

Note you can also see example syntax for your survey by going to Manage templates > Quick reference

Hope this helps. Best, Jim


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