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09-24-2018 11:56 PM
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The report functionality in Survey123 is very nice. But how is it made?  Is it a GP tool or custom development? And is the source code available?   

We want to be able to automatically create a PDF report every time there is a new record stored to the database. So if we could access the Report tool code, we would easily be able to automate the process on the serverside..

If its not possible, we would have to develop the whole thing..



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Take a look at the following: 

This is a workflow for generating feature based pdfs using the feature report API and webhooks.

To answer your question, the API is a custom implementation (not a GP service) and is not yet available as an on-premises solution.



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Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your reply. Its seems to be a very nice solution. However, as i understand Webhooks they require a gateway to the server. Our environment dosent allow communication to the internet. So i am looking for something more tailored to closed networks.. But thanks - i will definitely use the webhooks and either integromat or Microsoft Flow in another project. 

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