Report attachment is HTML not PDF or Word doc

02-16-2022 12:15 PM
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I'm setting up my first automated report using Survey123 and Integromat. Everything is running fine (watch survey, create report, download report, send email) but when I click on the attachment in teh email it's an html file that sends me to a URL with the below. Do I need to get with our AGOL account admin to setup some additional step or does someone have insight on where this issue could be coming from? Thanks!

ArcGIS REST Services Directory
Home > servicesAPI Reference
Token Required
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I believe you are having the same issue I had.   In the HTTP module you need to have the( image URL) ?token=(Portal info:token)  then in the email (I am using gmail) under attachments use the Source file HTTP-Get a file.





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Something is failing in your scenario and you're packaging up the entire response as a file (pdf or docx) because you probably have something like [generated_report].docx as the attachment name. 

View the history of your integromat scenario to figure out the error message and resolve that.  Once the report is being generated by the report module, use "HTTP GET - Get a file" module to grab the report via the URL, then attach that to your email. 



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