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Increased Processing Delay in Survey Management this week?

02-16-2022 05:42 AM
New Contributor III

I feel like I've seen a sudden increase in the amount of time required to navigate through survey management via the URL this week - response counts are slow to appear on thumbnails, navigating through the overview, collaborate, analyze, and data tabs requires more loading wait time, and a simple results URL for a single question has extended wait as well.

Is anyone else feeling similarly so far this week?

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MVP Esteemed Contributor

Yes I have been seeing a slow down across AGOL.  Been trying to export a file for over a week now with no luck.  Sometimes the Export button just totally disappears.

Only thing reported here was 8th and 9th.

Occasional Contributor

Same here. I've noticed my web maps and corresponding Field Maps running very slow, particularly pop-up generation. Survey123 has also been very slow to submit back to AGO.

New Contributor III

Speed appears to have improved so far this morning.

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