Repeat does not work with filter in dashboard

12-07-2021 08:22 AM
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Hi, I have created a simple xlsform with one repeat (xls form.jpg). I have embedded it in the dashboard and works completely fine if I want to enter new submission. Unfortunately, if I want to go back to the embedded form in the dashboard and edit already submitted surveys I cannot make the select_one_to_one work so I can see only records submitted per particular "Comment for Section".


The embedded form has two purposes:

1. To submit new surveys (chose the "Comment for Section" type from the drop down and enter the commet

---- This works completely fine (image 1.jpg)

2. To edit already submitted surveys. For this I want to choose the "Comment for Section" from the drop down and then in the Q&A I want to be able to see the comments that have been submitted for that particular "Comment for Section" type .

----- This does not work. Afer choosing the "Comment for Section" I can see all the comments submitted for all type (image 2.jpg). In general "Comment for Section" does not limit the numbers in "Q&A" section

I have tried relevant and constraint but it does not work

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