Relevant note not appearing in web browser but works in app

04-24-2023 02:09 PM
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My survey has three relevant notes that are used to prevent submission of the survey and also trigger to the user that something is wrong before they move on to the next question (vs. using constraint and only being triggered once they hit submit). The notes appear as expected in the desktop and mobile app, but are not triggered in the web browser. 

I saw these posts: Condition "note" type question doesn't appear in Survey123 using web and Time difference calculation not working in web form. I'm wondering if using a conditional statement (cell N21 and N40) and a calculation (cell N27) are not supported with web based forms? Referring to this comment from @BrettStokes, "Currently, when designing a survey online, rules (to set when something is relevant) are only supported by Single Choice, Dropdown, Likert and Rating questions – not Multiple Choice."

I've attached my XLS form. Thank you for any advice! 

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My guess is due to it being dates.  I have had issues with string-length != 0 before.  I would test > 1 and != "" also.  Also test setting the bind:type column to date.  The web tends to treat all as strings which can make the calcs funky. 

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I believe you are right. I have confirmed the relevant note works in the browser with a fully text based question. I am switching the dates to decimal date format and testing, no success yet, but working on it.