Relating and Filtering data using Survey123 and Hosted CSV

10-09-2020 01:22 PM
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I've created a Survey in Survey123 which then creates a feature layer based on the inputs from the survey (survey.shp) with fields globalid, lat, lon, location_name.

I have a csv file (data.csv) that is created to hold temperature data using the locations from survey.shp and has the fields globalid, temp. 

The survey.shp is able to filter the data view based on the user that submitted the data. I want to use that built in filter that only allows users to see the data they submitted to the survey to filter the temperature data in the data.csv for visualization purposes.  My first idea was to relate the data.csv data to the survey.shp by a one-to-many relationship using globalid. But that process creates a separate feature layer for the relationship that does not hold on to the permissions of the survey.shp that allows a user to only see the data they submitted to the survey.

Is there a way to append data directly to the survey.shp using one-to-many or would there be any other way to filter the data in data.csv based on the user?

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Given that you're trying to integrate a dataset that is outside the survey, You will probably need to create the separate layer and visualize in another application, Like ArcGIS Dashboard, Web App Builder, Experience Builder or a configurable application.  

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