Inconsistent data in repeats (survey vs excel export)

10-19-2020 05:13 PM
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Hi all

I have noticed in my survey the repeat only shows 4 people but when I export the data from the website into a spreadsheet there's 12 people (mostly triple repeats of those 4 people).

How could this happen? 

My only thought is there is a version of the survey that has all 4 people in it.  Someone opens the survey from the inbox without refreshing it, notices there are no people in the repeat, adds those 4 again and submits the survey (and have this process potentially happen again from another user or same user but different device)?

This would then show only 4 people in the survey (once refreshed) but the back end database would show 8-12 entries of the same 4 people?


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Hi James,

We would need to likely see the dataset in the feature layer and in the excel export to understand what is occurring. Could you open a support request with Esri Support?

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